Electric Strings

by Mike Georgia

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From blazing cadenzas to familiar melodies, Mike’s take on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in all its complexity requires agility & nuance that has been captured in his unique style. Disc Two offers a collection of tunes that you’ll be sure to recognize.


released June 9, 2017

Early on, when I started composing, I began to think about creating classical music played in a rock band format. Then I discovered a few artists who were doing that and of course, loved it. But no one was doing it quite like I imagined it, so I set out to make these recordings.

All songs arranged, performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Georgia.

Gear used:
Amp: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
Lead guitars: Christian Allen Luthiery S guitar and Ibanez JS1000
Rhythm guitars: Ibanez 7 string S series, Gibson Les Paul
Acoustic guitars: Baranik Steel String, Fender 12 String, Takamine Nylon
Bass: Ibanez BTB575FM 5-String
Drums: Steven Slate and BFD Drums
Software Instruments: East West and Arturia

I started dabbling with this style early on with an original group. So, needless to say, this album represents something that has been a long time coming for me. This collection of tunes dates back to 2004 with track 23, J.S. Bach’s Minuet in G Major. Then in 2007, I dabbled with it again with track 18, Ein Klein Nachtmusik. This was during my days as a student at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. It was there that I started exploring jazz. You can hear a taste of it on track 22 from 2007, Deck the Halls (Jazz Chord Melody) arr. Dale Turner.

It wasn't until 2011-14 that I would return to this style, and also created a few holiday tunes with a similar approach, primarily for the guitar product called Rock Prodigy. These tracks were created during this period:

15 Beethoven's 5th from Rock Prodigy (2011)
17 J.S. Bach's Air on a G String from Rock Prodigy (2011)
07 L'autunno Autumn Allegro (2012)
13 Pachelbel's Canon (2012)
14 Flight Of The Bumble Bee from Rock Prodigy (2012)
16 Beethoven Trio arr. Harold Lee (2012)
19 Auld Lang Syne from Rock Prodigy (2012)
20 12 Slides For Christmas from Rock Prodigy (2012)

Track 07 L’autunno Autumn Allegro was the first piece that I did from the Four Seasons. It was just on a whim. I picked up the sheet music for that movement in a used bookstore and decided to give it a go. Then a friend requested that I do a version of 01 La primavera (Spring) - Allegro (2014). At this point, I figured that since I had already done the first movement for half of the seasons, that I might as well complete it by doing the other two: 10 L'inverno Winter Allegro non molto (2014), 04 L'estate (Summer) - Allegro non molto (2014).

I sat on this music for a few years, debating whether to officially release it or not. It was with the decision to complete the four seasons in its entirety that I felt that this would be a complete album. In 2017 I completed the eight remaining sections, starting with the second movement of each season and then doing the third movement.

Second Movement tracks:
02 Spring - Largo (2017)
05 Summer - Adagio (2017)
08 Autumn - Adagio molto (2017)
11 Winter - Largo (2017)

Third Movement tracks:
03 Spring - Allegro (2017)
06 Summer - Presto (2017)
09 Autumn - Allegro (2017)
12 Winter - Allegro (2017)

To top it off, the final track, IMOH is an original tribute to guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as I enjoyed making it!

Mike Georgia



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Mike Georgia Los Angeles, California

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